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Meet katie  she’s a fellow breastimplant illness advocate with a strong background on health and fitness as a martial arts guru and fellow hair expert she is giving her personal testimony on BII and how to heal Holistically.


Meet Rita, “Catwoman “she is a lupus advocate  and hair loss suffer . Listen to her testimony  as she also worked for my salon and was a superhairoe facilitator for the foundation, as  well a great client and friend for over a decade.. A true story from a real live super  hairoe that’s been involved with everything I’ve created 

Meet Julie the marathon wizard. She’s a fellow BreastImplant survivor and at the highest time of her running oasssion everything went downhill quickly and she was bedridden. She came to my private ladies group  online and thankfully has explanted and is doing wonderful . Listen to her testimony


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Location: 10830 n 71st place #204 

Telephone: (480-442-4247) 

Email: donate@superhairoes.org 

School Hours: Sunday-Sunday 10-9

Non-Discrimination Policy


The SuperHairoes Foundation has established guidelines reflecting the values of our family, one of the most important being that of inclusion.  Therefore, we ask that all organizations receiving grants from SuperHairoes provide us with a copy of their non-discrimination policy approved by its board of directors pertaining to employees, volunteers and/or those who receive services from your organization.

We recognize that some organizations serve specific populations, such as girls, and the Foundation will support organizations that assist such groups which have been historically underserved or have faced discrimination in the past.  However, we will still require a policy of non-discrimination covering employment and the recruitment of volunteers.

Organizations using a fiscal sponsor must submit their own policy and that of the fiscal sponsor.

Even organizations run entirely by volunteers must submit a policy statement.  We expect you to be inclusive in your recruitment of willing volunteers and one day you may grow sufficiently to warrant the hiring of paid staff.