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My mission is to support women, men, and teens, in a devastating time where they only hope is to feel beautiful on the outside while being destroyed to become well on the inside. What I teach others is finding the “Root’ issues of All ‘Dis-Ease” in the body. Once you can find the “ROOT” issue of all disease that  causes most hair loss in the world you want to give back to the community and you want to help people

Our Founder 

Watch my  Published TEDx TALK and Learn how I “BEAT” Cancer and restored my own hair and health, holistically!

My Massive community efforts resulted in securing a local Ted Talk in 2018. and a book below Why Hair Loss Is On The Rise , in which I share my educational real  life experiences and the reason for my relentless advocacy efforts across hair loss communities and in my own industry!

Please share this long-standing anticipated message! Save someone else from becoming FOLLICALLY CHALLENGED  by Becoming Your Own Superhairoe Advocate

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To Release the SuperHairoe In you!

 Our Mission is to support women in a devastating time where their only hope is to feel beautiful on the outside while being destroyed to become well on the inside. What I teach others is finding the root issue.

Once you find the root issue of all disease that causes most hair loss in the world, you want to give back to the community and you want to help people

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Class Schedule | Curricular Activities


This Chairty  site was launched with an effort to help rescue others and battle hair loss and chronic illness

Cancer  being the number one oterminal illness is not the only disease that causes hairloss and I want to help more people

Class Schedule | Curricular Activities

A Message From

Our Founder

From the start of my career at 18 I have understood that millions of people have unnatural hair loss due to autoimmune disease, nutritional deficiencies and environmental toxins .  I have become well now for providing both reputable training , certifications and listings and a charity superhairoes which offers hair health and hope .

I founded this 501 c3 Non-Profit that supports Hair, Health and Hope to thousands of women a strand at a time. I donate my hair products, my time and my license to thousands of women to repair and regenerate hair. I want to help thousands more with offering this HOPE.




“I’m Mark aka Batman. I met Tk at one of her charity events at ironwood cancer resources centers a few year ago and I was completely blown away , not only by her attitude but wow she is also a cancer survivor and has dedicated her life to continued education and empowerment for the masses. I was so take back with everything and her “story ” that I decided to become a board member and her her fight hair pollution and chronic Illnes with her mission statement. Watch my testimony below she is a real live superhairoe warrior and her wonderwoman attire is her “mindset ” I love this lady !” 

Batman aka Mark 

” HI, I’m Catwoman aka Rita.I have not only had the opportunity to be a part of this empowerment foundation but I also have worked for TK at her wellness salon. When I first was referred to TK I actually was diagnosed with lupus and lost almost all my hair . She not only restored my hair but along the way has educated me on proper diet nutrition and the scientific facts behind autoimmunity and metobolic acidosis, which caused these diseases. I have learned how to take care of my hair and my health now utilizing all her products and protocols which I must add have always been holistic. I’m forever grateful please watch my testimony below.

Love you Wonderwoman

Catwomen aka Rita


“I’m Katie , and I found TK online when I was diago with lymphoma and lost all my hair . When I actually met TK I new right away she was unique and had a very different purpose to fulfill . I got hair extensions and in doing so I became part of her movement while I was living in Arizona. My real hair even actually has grown out while utilizing her patented holistic hair extensions and hair restoration systems! Thank you TK for all you do for the community and thank you wonderwoman for being a leader and warrior for the rest of us it truly helps and your making a difference. Please watch my testimony below

Batgirl aka Katie

Breast implant Illness

Cancer Survivors


Hair Loss Help

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Location: 10830 N. 71st Place 204 Scottsdale Arizona 85254

Telephone: 1.480.442.4247



Non-Discrimination Policy

The SuperHairoes Foundation has established guidelines reflecting the values of our family, one of the most important being that of inclusion.  Therefore, we ask that all organizations receiving grants from SuperHairoes provide us with a copy of their non-discrimination policy approved by its board of directors pertaining to employees, volunteers and/or those who receive services from your organization.

We recognize that some organizations serve specific populations, such as girls, and the Foundation will support organizations that assist such groups which have been historically underserved or have faced discrimination in the past.  However, we will still require a policy of non-discrimination covering employment and the recruitment of volunteers.

Organizations using a fiscal sponsor must submit their own policy and that of the fiscal sponsor.  Even organizations run entirely by volunteers must submit a policy statement.  We expect you to be inclusive in your recruitment of willing volunteers and one day you may grow sufficiently to warrant the hiring of paid staff. 




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