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After the Renal cell Carcinoma diagnosis as like so many of my “healthy friends “ we never expect this I have read this book 3 times and now it’s part of my protocols for all patients and clients I consult as “cancer “ is a metabolic issue and is “aging rapidly at the cellular levels.” Steven Cherniskis is also a very dear college of mine who was the first person to say “ I think maybe your breast implants have a correlation to the kidney cancer “ maybe try removing them and see. 3 years ago I did just that! And he was absolutely correct…

This book was a great insight into how “Emotional Destruction “ and the direct correlation to me personally with the Renal cell Carcinoma, my prior health issues all being “right-sided.” I now implement “ Energy Clearing and Cognitive Brain Therapy “ for optimal long term healing of the  internal cellular function 

This book has absolutely changed my entire life, my thinking, my everything moving forward. Most “ Dis-Ease” is Man-Made. Yes, we have “genetics “ that play a role, however, we have to power of OUR  mind to literally CHANGE everything in our subconscious to indeed, truly repair cells internally. 


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