We Know How to Empower a Healthy “Mindset” For Everyone


What would YOU DO if you were only give a year to live?

What “assumptions“ or “judgements” will YOU change after hearing our  stories? 

What is your superpower and who is YOUR “hero”?

We can help YOU to turn the word “victim ” into “hairoe” as WE all have faced health challenges and now WE can offer YOU this hope.

Our Teachers

Faculty of the Month


The superpowered team consist of Mindy aka “Spider Gal  our RA warrior, Mark aka “Batman” our nurse TK “Wonderwoman” HairHero,   Rita aka Catwoman” Hair Extender,  Shannon aka “Zena”Nurse ,and Donna  “Catgirl”  our Office manager . Real life SUPERHAIROES who have battled a major health challenge and have overcome it utilizing the tools and resources I have patented through my self owned wellness business making them become their own Superhairoe Advocates as I have to fully transformation their  body’s to complete wellness.

HairDoc TK


Hair Hero

I’m a local  Hollywood  retired Stunt and Theater Sag Trained actress that specializes in Holistic Hair Extensions and Restoration  ,Holistic Color Correction Services and Advanced extension training with over 35 years of experience and commitment to the community and my industries.

I am also a Rcc Advocate and cater to cancer clients in a PRIVATE one on one wellness setting .

My practices and advanced training  utilize technology that literally regrows hair utilizing all products That are holistic safe and effective .

. I pratice no judgement in business and  practice. And have become a mentor in the community with a salon directory to continue to mentor my license professionals and long term integrity




As a fellow cancer survivor and medical professionals I’m here to help spread awareness about lifestyle changes. Tk has even taught me so much that I would not even begin to have found on my own research. I’m here to help empower those battling prostate cancer as I’m a 15 year superhairoe success story ! Watch my testimony below 



Our Photographer

We do many “in hospital” events and as we all know EVERYONE loves a superhero especially when in the times of uncertainty. Russ is a kind caring empath who is here to make the best memories with YOU surrounded by your superhero warriors. So many brain thoughts can be  changed using a positive “affirmations “ as TK says wonderwoman isn’t a fictional character, it’s a “Mindset “


A Word

From Our Founder

” This Charity site was launched with an effort to help rescue others and battle hair loss and chronic illness one STRAND at a time. Cancer, being the number one terminal illness is not the only disease that causes hair loss and I want to CONTINUE to help MORE people.”

HairDoc TK

Breast implant Illness

Cancer Survivors


Hair Loss Help

Become a SuperHairoe Sponsor

Location: 10830 N. 71st Place 204 Scottsdale Arizona 85254

Telephone: 1.480.442.4247



Non-Discrimination Policy

The SuperHairoes Foundation has established guidelines reflecting the values of our family, one of the most important being that of inclusion.  Therefore, we ask that all organizations receiving grants from SuperHairoes provide us with a copy of their non-discrimination policy approved by its board of directors pertaining to employees, volunteers and/or those who receive services from your organization.

We recognize that some organizations serve specific populations, such as girls, and the Foundation will support organizations that assist such groups which have been historically underserved or have faced discrimination in the past.  However, we will still require a policy of non-discrimination covering employment and the recruitment of volunteers.

Organizations using a fiscal sponsor must submit their own policy and that of the fiscal sponsor.  Even organizations run entirely by volunteers must submit a policy statement.  We expect you to be inclusive in your recruitment of willing volunteers and one day you may grow sufficiently to warrant the hiring of paid staff. 




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