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The Mission

My mission is to support women, men, and teens, in a devastating time where they only hope is to feel beautiful on the outside while being destroyed to become well on the inside. What I teach others is finding the “Root’ issues of All ‘Dis-Ease” in the body. Once you can find the “ROOT” issue of all disease that  causes most hair loss in the world you want to give back to the community and you want to help people

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 Super Hairoes Foundation is a 5013c Organization  Arizona Charitable Tax Credit Organization. Your donation toSuperHairoes can be used as a tax credit on your Arizona state taxes up to $400 for an individual or up to $800 for a married couple.

Celebrate Life

What is your SUPERPOWER? I  want you to take a moment to listen to my published ted Talk My massive community education efforts resulted in securing a local TEDx TALK, in which I share my inspirational life story how I survived cancer, BII, EVB, and Lyme, and restored my hair and health and the reason for my relentless advocacy efforts across hair loss communities and in my own industries .


 Mission & Vision


From the start of my career at the age of 18, I have understood that millions of people have unnatural hair loss due to autoimmune disease, nutritional deficiencies, and environmental toxins. I have become well known for providing both reputable hair and lash extension, hair restoration training, certifications and listing on my directories which offers


A Word

From Our CEO  Hair Health Hairoe

“This Charity site was launched with an effort to help rescue others and battle hair loss and chronic illness one STRAND at a time. Cancer, being the number one terminal illness is not the only disease that causes hair loss and I want to CONTINUE to help MORE people.”

–  Haidoc  TK


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Ironwood Cancer Events.

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One of our venues  this is our 8th year as a sponsor at Ironwood Cancer center





Trichotillomania Workshopt.

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Trichotillomania is a cause I have supported for over 2 decades as it envolves scientific studies of hair with a background in Physcology and Naturopathic protocols. As a wellness practitioner and having the basic understanding of behavior disorders and the triggers they stem from is why I’m committed to my continued support groups and a service provider as well.  Currently I also have launched a new online forum for those still in quarente 




Ironwood Cancer Centers

Hair cut Athon!.

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A way to give back by offering free






Private Online Groups 


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Our Foundation

Super Hairoes Organization

Superhairoes was founded as a means to support Hair, Health, and Hope to thousands of Women, Men, and Teens, “One Strand at a Time!”  My commitment is to repair and regenerate hair.  I want to help with more by offering hope.  My main causes listed below are things I have personally experienced and how I repaired my hair and health from taking a holistic approach.

On Going Workshops and Support

Not only do we support and attend valley-wide events for Cancer Survivors and information sessions, but we also have our own on-going workshops and support groups.  Get Involved!


A big part of education requires funding. I’m now offering apprenticeships which will allow the use of real work time and will contribute to you additional hours to complete your education to become a licensed professional and help the community as I have over the last 3 decades 


Education is the key to be able to be a master or hair expert like myself. I have mentored hundreds of Stylist and my business model has always been to continue to help my communities. Join my team and become an apprentice while you learn from a 35 year hair expert live hands on training you won’t find elsewhere. Learn from someone who cares truly about integrity and results that are safe, natural, and effective to be able to have your own salon one day as I have . 

Nutritional Workshops

As a 35 year license holistic hair expert, with 30 years of education in nutrition, diet, fitness and metobolic isssues I have now been able to offer one-on-one consulting services to help YOU reverse your “Dis-Ease” Holistically, as I have cured Myself through out all my ongoing research and continued education as a wellness practitioner and a licensed teacher of cosm

Trichotillomania Support

I have been an active support group leader for over 2 decades for a group called Trichotillomania. As a hair loss suffer myself and an empath i Took this time to help those struggling with Tric. I also have an online forum to connect with others and monthly support group sessions on -on -one and as well consultating with parents and friends to help YOU understand this behavior disorder that affects ones to have repetitive behavior focused Soley on hair and skin picking pulling cutting. 



Our News & Announcements


With so much hair loss on the rise and with all of this knowledge I have gained overcoming my own personal health challenges and hair loss, I want to make a difference. I want to BE the difference. So I created a medical and salon directory for those who take my apprenticeship programs and mentor under my Business model



Breast implant Illness

Cancer Survivors


Hair Loss Help

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Location: 10830 N. 71st Place, Suite 204 Scottsdale Arizona 85254

Telephone: 1.480.442.4247



Non-Discrimination Policy

The SuperHairoes Foundation has established guidelines reflecting the values of our family, one of the most important being that of inclusion.  Therefore, we ask that all organizations receiving grants from SuperHairoes provide us with a copy of their non-discrimination policy approved by its board of directors pertaining to employees, volunteers and/or those who receive services from your organization.

We recognize that some organizations serve specific populations, such as girls, and the Foundation will support organizations that assist such groups which have been historically underserved or have faced discrimination in the past.  However, we will still require a policy of non-discrimination covering employment and the recruitment of volunteers.

Organizations using a fiscal sponsor must submit their own policy and that of the fiscal sponsor.  Even organizations run entirely by volunteers must submit a policy statement.  We expect you to be inclusive in your recruitment of willing volunteers and one day you may grow sufficiently to warrant the hiring of paid staff. 




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